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Calligraphy Supplies in India: Where can I buy them?

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Have you been scouring Google looking for Calligraphy Supplies in India but can't seem to find the right information? Well, this little blog post is here to help you with that!

Calligraphy drills done with a straight nib holder and a brause blue pumpkin nib with sumi ink.

As a beginner, I could not find any shops or stores near me that sold Pointed Pen Calligraphy supplies exclusively. I was able to find individual elements in multiple art supply stores and ended up having to order my nibs from one store, my inks from another, and my paper from a local shop close to home. I also had to go through the hassle of finding Copperplate guidelines online and printing them out.

I practiced by myself for a while and eventually opened up an Instagram page, where I was introduced to some amazing fellow calligraphers and more importantly - shops that had ALL the supplies that I required in one place! So without further ado, I'd like to introduce these four shops that are doing a fabulous job of keeping the art of calligraphy alive in India!


Millennial Lettering

Started by Shubhangi Palriwal Shah in 2020, Millennial Lettering is a one stop shop for all your basic pointed pen calligraphy supplies. Shubhangi stocks her store very mindfully and only has products that she has tried herself and can personally recommend. She also tries to keep costs as low as possible, so everything you can buy here is budget friendly.

Explore her store and you can find the Nikko G, Hunt 101 and Hunt 22b Nibs. You can select a variety of inks from Sumi to Walnut to the absolutely amazing Krishna Inks! The store also has a wonderful selection of papers and calligraphy accessories. If you teach calligraphy and want to host a workshop, you can buy supplies from here in bulk at a discount as well!

hunt 101 , nikko g and hunt 22b
zig kuretake sumi ink

Highlight: If you are a professional calligrapher looking to add engraving to your skill-set, the Ink Me This Engraver is available here. There is no better engraver out there and they are always limited in stock, so get yours soon!

Inkmethis calligraphy engraver. write on glass, wood, plastic. Etch on glass with the drill
A bottle with an engraved quote in gold surrounded by purple flowers

Use code "Karishma5" at this store during checkout to avail a 5% discount on your purchase.

Disclaimer: I earn a small percentage from your purchase at no extra cost to you if you use my code.


The Bombay Lettering Company

Founded by Sanjana Chatlani in 2017, The Bombay Lettering Company (TBLC) is your place to go for all things luxury. Sanjana is an extremely talented calligrapher herself and holds workshops all throughout the year in collaboration with calligraphers from around the world. In addition to this, she has a store selling supplies for all types of calligraphy (pointed, broad-edge, and brush).

Find a beautiful selection of oblique pens along with nibs like the Gillott 303, the Blue Pumpkin nib, the Leonardt Principal and a few broad edge nibs! This store also has a bunch of learning resources and practice pads which are great if you are a complete beginner. If you have been looking for handmade paper and envelopes, look no further than TBLC where you can find a variety of them in different colours.

Brush calligraphy practice pad by Barbara Calzolari

Highlight: Ziller Inks and Fox and Quills Ink. These brands of ink are extremely popular with calligraphers abroad and Sanjana has been able to bring them to India just for us! As of now there are just a few colours that are not sold out, so get them ASAP!



Launched in 2017, Oriandcalli is the brainchild of Teja Bandal Kharat and Avinash Kharat. Avinash is a well established calligrapher in India and is renowned for his Copperplate Calligraphy workshops (both in person and online). Teja is a freelance origami artist with an interest in quilling, folk paintings and yoga. This husband-wife duo noticed a severe lack of calligraphy supplies for budding artists and took it upon themselves to bring about a change.

They have an impressive selection of nibs in their store and if you want to experiment with nibs that are not commonly available, you can find a decent variety of vintage nibs too. They have different coloured papers and envelopes as well which are perfect for final artworks. You can find an amazing calligraphy guideline ruler set which makes drawing your guidelines so much easier and enjoyable!

Highlight: Handmade metallic inks! If you want to add a little sheen and shimmer to your calligraphy or painting, look no further than Oriandcalli. They stock almost every colour imaginable and launch new colours very often!


Sadhika Gupta | Delhi Doodler

Started in 2019 by Sadhika Gupta, Delhi Doodler will fulfill all your pointed pen, brush pen, and Devanagari calligraphy needs. Sadhika is a skilled freelance calligrapher and hand lettering artist and she holds workshops on pointed pen calligraphy, brush calligraphy, Devanagari script, Ipad lettering, doodling, and mandalas. Sadhika puts in a lot of thought into her packaging and always makes sure that the customer is delighted when they open their parcel!

Delhi doodler has some lovely nib holders including oblique holders with a universal flange (which is quite hard to find in India). If your current oblique holder has a damaged flange and you do not want to spend money to replace the whole pen, you can find a single flange here too! Besides this, she also stocks Pentel Brush pens in all colours along with a large variety of nibs, inks, and practice pads.

Highlight: Handmade watercolours! Find an assortment of watercolours ranging from metallics, colour-shifting, and neon! These will add a beautiful pop to your calligraphy and will be a valuable add to your paint collection!


While these stores do sell similar products, I would encourage you to visit each of them and decide which one suits your needs best. I would also like to add that all these shops sell individually curated Calligraphy Beginner Kits, so if you are confused about your first purchase, I would definitely recommend getting a starter kit!

I hope this blog helped you find what you were looking for. If there are any other calligraphy supply stores in India that you would like to recommend to our readers, please mention them in the comments!

Where can i get Calliraphy Supplies in India?
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